Contemporary craftsmen, technologically advanced.

We are contemporary craftsmen. We design equipment for viticulture and forestry nurseries under the brand name of ZetaEcotech, using the common sense of those who have always worked with their hands, careful to details, very precise, willing to customize any standard equipment and at the same time oriented to innovative technologies. We like to describe ourselves as technologically advanced craftsmen.

We started off in the north-east of Italy, a territory that revealed itself as essential to the development of vine nurseries. This is now the most important Italian and International pole for viticulture: Rauscedo supplies most of the barbatelle (rooted vine) to vineyards around the world. Being so closely in contact with this environment helped us to understand the vine nursery needs for whom we designed and developed the first equipment. Then their evolution and requests for automated manufacturing processes brought us to develop our current line of technologically advanced equipment.


Our team is based on the friendship and cooperation of two friends and craftsmen Guerrino Zannier and Armando Tubello. We have been working together since 1995. On one side Electrozeta S.n.c. Di Guerrino Zannier and Michele Tondat, founded in 1988, designs and makes electrical private and industrial systems, medium voltage electricity substations, special systems, automated processes for manufacturing equipment. On the other side Tubello S.n.c. di Armando e Manuele Tubello, specialized in mechanical working and light carpentry, with a long experience in agricultural equipment.


Thanks to our expertise in mechanics and electronics, we have the capability to design and manufacture state of the art equipment for the vine and forestry industry. We still want to grow professionally, so we continue to invest both in our internal labs and in our internal design dept, by introducing modern working tools (CAD 2D, CAD 3D, PLC…), and moreover in skill people with high knowledge in design, R&D, planning and manufacturing. We also have some consolidated external professionals with very specific competences.

This is why every single ZetaEcotech equipment is totally manufactured in house thanks to our competence and know-how on mechanical and electrical design, design and development of SW, assembly, final testing and technical servicing on the machines.


Today we manufacture equipment under the brand name of ZetaEcotech: innovative nursery technologies. It is now faster, easier and sometime lighter to prepare plants for nurseries, vineyards, rose-gardens, woods and forests. Our equipment are practical and robust, made of aluminum and stainless steel. We choose high quality electrical and mechanical components, we use integrated software, developed by our engineers to make sure it does what is required. The result is automated highly reliable and low maintenance equipment.